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I recently had a session with Renn that was absolutely amazing!

First off, her soothing voice, her wonderful accent and her amazing sense of humor led me through the session feeling at ease with her. Renn is very easy to feel relaxed with and she’s very relatable.

My session was on feeling overwhelmed. She helped me understand why my mind is always in chaos and heal all those areas. I couldn’t get anything done because I couldn't focus on one task without 1000 other things popping up. My brain was like those popup windows on your computer when it gets hacked, completely out of control.

I am much more relaxed now and not stressed about all the things that need to be done. I can sit down and complete tasks without feeling like I didn't have the time to do it. I would procrastinate everything and accomplish nothing; I have gotten more done in the last few days then I have in weeks. I am very grateful for Renn. Do not hesitate to book a session with her. It is worth your life!

- Cheyne, US



I work as a Counselling Psychologist, Life Coach and EFT Master Trainer. I reached out to Renn because I wanted to overcome the Imposter Syndrome. I was too concerned about what people might think about me and I had this fear of being judged.

I’m happy that I approached Renn and asked for her help.

During the RTT session Renn has addressed all the key issues. I felt understood, I felt heard, and I felt safe.

I have learned that a lot of the challenges that I was facing have roots in unresolved childhood issues.

Renn was patient, empathetic, and really helped me at a very deep level. After the session I finally started taking actions related to my profession.

Renn is a highly skilled professional, she helped me identify underlying issues as well as to address them.


I highly recommend working with her if you are seeking professional help.

- Life Coach Nizam, India

I am a 41-year-old woman navigating through life trying to balance family life with professional life in these though times. I am a wife, mother of an 8 y.o. daughter and an Account Manager in the promotional industry.

I have been battling with issues for many years, going through therapy, burnout, depression. The challenges of the past 2 years generated by the pandemic situation have made some things worse, but also rearranged priorities in life for me. Now there is nothing more important to me than self-care and harmony in my family. So, following this path, when RTT came my way, I was happy to jump on board. I know and trust Renn from the past and I immediately reacted when I heard she took this path.

Before working with Renn, I had anxiety, low self-esteem, anger issues, depression, burnout, inability to enjoy life, compulsory eating, and shopping as well as hoarding.

We worked on anxiety. I was impressed by the level of in-depth, thorough preparation pre-session. Not only did I feel heard, understood, and safe, I felt supported and encouraged and embraced.

I learned that I am in control of my thoughts and emotions and that I am responsible for my wellbeing. My wellbeing determines the wellbeing of my family.

I liked how serious and detailed Renn is in her approach, it shows how passionate she is. I liked that she approached the subject from different angles, using multiple techniques. Her recording was very complex, touching so many aspects of my life. Renn’s voice has a soothing, mesmerizing effect. It makes sense, it is convincing, believable, and inspiring.

After the session, I managed to follow through with listening to the recording every morning. It gave me a positive start of the day every day. Although things were being hectic around me, December stress period during pandemic and terribly crowded deadlines piling up on me, I managed to keep calm and focused and handled everything from a more relaxed perspective. I saw improvements in all aspects of life, from family relationships to job performance, got very good feedback from husband, daughter, friends, and colleagues. With my attitude changing, their responses improved. I feel now that I am on the right path, decluttering my house, eating healthier, giving better examples to my daughter, spending quality time the 3 of us together and one on one time with each of them. I am taking time for myself, and I am oriented towards myself and my emotions, I feel very much in contact with and in control of them. I see myself taking steps in the right direction, I started throwing away / donating / recycling things more easily, I started EFT, I joined a concept changing eating program for the next 3 months. I am looking in depth into my relationships and analysing who I want to keep around me and why.

I recommend Renn, because I know how caring and dedicated, she is as a person and because I see her glowing when she speaks about what she does. She is truly passionate about it and it is clear that she has found her direction in life. I also see what effect it had on her physically, emotionally, personally, professionally. She sees the good in everyone and makes it a personal goal to help the person to thrive. I am sure that, whatever case Renn takes, she will understand the implications, she will get involved and will give her best to make a change.

Renn took the initiative to also open the door for me to EFT as a tool to use on my own, it was just what I needed and since then I worked on that multiple times. I am using the techniques on my daughter as well on her journey to have a healthy relationship with food. It just goes to show how insightful and caring Renn is, always identifying the problem and the most effective solution and always giving more of her knowledge to help others.

- Oana, Romania


I knew my issues were my negative thoughts.

I was lacking the feeling that good life was available to me. Being a full-time carer to a disabled child, who will go into residential care life felt very pointless and empty.

I felt very safe during my session with Renn, I felt she understood me and heard me. I have learned that silly childhood scenes have made me feel powerless.

I loved the most beautiful transformation recording that Renn has prepared for me. I love her voice, her pace, and the way she spoke to me.

I feel much more hopeful and optimistic now. I haven't had a negative mood since, and that makes life much easier.

Renn gets you, she’s gentle and kind. She has a wonderful way with words, and her recording is so beautiful you'll listen to it well past the 21 days.

Give her a try, you will be surprised how powerful and transforming such a gentle session is.

- Liz, UK

I worked with Renn on confidence and self-esteem.

I felt very safe, heard, and understood. Renn created comfortable space and put me at ease straight away.

I had a lot of “aha” moments during the 2 h RTT session and realized that everything I believed about myself was not true.

Renn delivered a session in a friendly and professional manner. She is very intuitive, talented, and trustworthy. During the session I was deeply relaxed and felt comfortable to share my personal feelings and my issues with her.

I feel so much more at peace with myself now and would highly recommend RTT session with Renn!

- Yula, UK

I have had some very small knowledge about the hypnosis, but I haven't heard about RTT until I met my therapist. What made me think I may need this kind of therapy was the belief that I can take the control over my thoughts and my mind and improve my daily life. I have not imagined though that the positive change will be so quick anyway.

I have been struggling with a lot of anxiety and I was not able to control stressful situations. The problems started to affect me the way that I lost my self-confidence and was not able to enjoy a single activity that I used to enjoy before so much.

During my session with Renn I felt absolutely understood. She was able to get into my problems very quickly and understand where my problems are. She made me feel that the problems can be solved by changing the way I’m thinking. During the process I felt very safe and comfortable.

I have learned that I was very young when I created incorrect thoughts about myself and that all those thoughts were in fact not true. I have been living many years thinking my problems were impossible to solve and during the first session I understood how wrong I was.

I am still amazed with the recording Renn has prepared especially for me. It touches all the most sensible points I need to be guided through. I love listening to my recording and her soft voice makes me feel immediately relaxed and calm. Some of the phrases and metaphors she used, helped me to obtain my objectives very easily and are constantly in my mind to remember them whenever I need.

I’ve noticed the positive results next day after the session. That was the most important sign that the positive results will come quick and without any effort. After the session I was feeling very relaxed and calm and from one day to another my anxiety almost disappeared and I started to feel much more self-confident. I also started to think much more positive about any possible problems that I may still have to deal with as I had received a very powerful tools to apply to many aspects of my life.

I definitely recommend working with Renn and I have already shared my experience with some of my friends. I would love them to try RTT therapy with her.

Thank you very much. It is very heart-warming to know that you really take care of me.

- Ewe, Spain

I could not find out why I keep some habits like trying to get rid of money quickly or self-sabotaging success in career.

I have already known about RTT, that's why I immediately booked a session as soon as I found out about Renn’s work.

From the discovery call she helped me to gain valuable insight about my problem. Throughout the session Renn was very empathetic and a very careful and focused listener.

And the session - oh my God, it was very deep! I realized the root cause of the issue. It was like the light was switched on inside of my mind. I could not come to such insights without the help of Renn. Because the beliefs I held were very hidden and deep.

I liked the way Renn asked questions. They were very critical to identify the cause of my problem.

I felt relief, as if I took off an extremely heavy outfit that was not necessary for me to put on, which also slowed down my stream of life.

Everyone definitely should have a session with Renn. She is really dedicated to help her clients and leads to result. She is a bright and skillful therapist.

- Ainur, Vietnam



I always had a feeling that I am shallow to want more in life.

I didn’t feel worthy enough, but Renn showed me that I have all the tools and resources to change that, and she gave me the best insight on how to do that!

I felt so understood during our session, Renn is so intuitive and professional and caring and amazing!

I loved her questions that were so helping in making me get awareness about what was keeping me from having what I so dearly wish for! Also, during hypnosis I felt so safe, I knew I’m in such good hands, I felt I can trust her because she really knows what she is doing.

Since the session I feel much more confident going for what I want in life.

I highly recommend you, Renn! Because you know what you are doing, and you are doing it in such a professional way that as a client you feel you are in good hands!

I feel grateful to have had a session with you and having met such a wonderful person.

- Alina, Romania

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